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Hosting A URx Event

Our hosts help organize and facilitate local community events with our support such as happy hours, roundtables, and meetups. Hosts are some of our most passionate leaders and help build the URx Community in their local city.

Becoming A URx Community Host

If you are a connector, love working with people, and believe in our mission to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, we would love to hear from you! 

URx Community Hosts:

  • Have attended multiple URx events in the past.
  • Volunteers who are passionate about building a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Committed to promoting their community and growing engagement and membership through regularly scheduled events.
  • Encouraged to find other hosts to help manage their community and events

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What you can expect from us

When you host a URx event, you’ll have support from the entire URx Community!


It changes from time to time, but typically: t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, pens, buttons, and more. Drop us a line if you have swag ideas of your own!


We use our community site for event rsvps. This gives your event a central landing page where you can explain the when, where, what, and who of the meetup. People sign up, and you can then communicate with them via email and they will be reminded of the event when it arrives.


We’ll do our best to promote your meetup. For example, through Twitter and LinkedIn, through our newsletter, and our Upcoming URx Events page.

But remember, these are local events and the best driver of attendance is you!

What we need from you!

You’ll be completely in charge of this event. It’s your baby! This is what you’ll need to do to make it happen.


Generally weekdays and after-work time slots work the best. For example, Thursday at 6 PM. But you know your community best and we’ll default to your judgment.


You’ll need to have somewhere to throw it. And they, uh, need to know you are coming. Don’t just pick a bar and show up. In fact, bars sometimes work, but they aren’t perfect.


We have a few event formats our community is used to. We recommend choosing either a Roundtable or a Meetup. We’re also open to any sort of format you think is best. Could be a help session, or just hanging out. We are ok as long as you communicate that to everyone signing up to come.


A promise to adhere to and uphold our Code of Conduct


Sponsors are great to have for events. They can come in many different forms.


If you or another local company wants to donate the use of their space, that’s great. We’d definitely call that sponsorship and recognize that contribution! It’s common to allow sponsors to say a few words at the event in exchange. 


An event sponsor wants to support in any way they can. Generally that means helping pay for the venue in the case there is a cost for that. Also helping with the food and beverages. We may be able to help you with an event sponsorship. That will likely entail promoting the sponsor in return. Of course we’ll make sure there are not conflicts!   

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