Dr. Poppy Crum URx19 Keynote

Announcing our URx Conference 2019 keynote speaker; Dr. Poppy Crum, Chief Scientist Dolby Laboratories.
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In the first two years of the URx Conference, we have kicked off the conference with incredible keynotes featuring recruiting veterans with outstanding UR backgrounds.

Jose Cong (Apple, Nest, Google) kicked off our first year taking the community through the incredible recruiting journey of Nest from less than 100 employees to their successful acquisition by Google and the roleUR played a huge role in bringing in the talent that drove their success.

At URx2018, Adam Ward (Qualcomm, Facebook, Pinterest) joined us for a fireside chat where we covered the ups downs, twists and turns, and his thoughts on the industry during his nearly 20 years in recruiting!

Jose & Adam are two tough acts to follow, so we knew we had our work cut out for us when we set out to find this year’s keynote 8 months ago. We were looking for someone who checked similar boxes as Jose & Adam( talent leader, UR background, passion for early talent), but the more we thought about our theme “Better Together”, it became clear that perhaps for this year we should look outside our own community. Char, URx19 Conference Chair, immediately thought of Dr. Poppy Crum, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories. As Char put it,

“Poppy has been incredibly influential in how I thought about communicating effectively with talented candidates.”

Communication is the core of talent development and recruiting. It was clear that Poppy would be the right pick to keynote URx19 and represents everything we are looking to accomplish through “Better Together”

Check out Poppy’s TED Talk

Poppy will share how our communication as talent recruiters & developers must evolve as we move closer to a world where the majority of people entering the workforce will have grown up in a technology-driven society and how we can leverage this understanding to communicate more effectively in the future.

We are lucky to have Poppy, a TED speaker, as the keynote at URx19!

Join us for #URx19, May 6–7 in San Francisco!

Check out the speaker lineupschedule or register today.

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