Community Organizer Guide

We are pumped to have you as one of our community organizers! We put together this doc as a quick reference to help you get started and give you easy access to resources! 

Event types

URx Roundtables

Hosted approximately 3 times a year onsite at a company by a community member with timely agenda items and subjects curated from attendees for discussions. 

Sample Agenda

  • 20 minutes –  Arrival, Check-In, + Drinks/Appetizers
  • 10 minutes – Host Introductions & Share Topics
  • 1 Hour – Networking + Drinks/Appetizers
    • Crowdsource discussion topics from your RSVPs as well as in your reach outs.  
    • Be sure to rotate topics/groups or engage discussion if facilitating
    • *Please consider including a video conference link for those who cannot attend in person. 
  • 15 minutes – Closing & End 

URx Meetups 

  • 30 Minutes –  Arrival, Check-In, Networking + Drinks/Appetizers

15 Minutes – Host & Sponsor Introduction & Kickoff

15 Minutes – Introduce Topic &  Speaker(s)

1  Hour  – Speaker or Panel Discussion + Q&A

15 minutes –  More Networking Closing Remarks & End 

Events hosted at a company or venue with a focused topic and program. They can be in-person, virtual (webinars), workshops, panels, etc. They can also be happy hours, get-togethers or simply networking events. Meetups may or may not be sponsored events. 

Sample URx Meetup Agenda


What do I need to do to host/organize my event?

Pre event 
  1. Create your Event on
    • Once you have completed this form, a calendar invite for your event will be created and you will be invited from
    • Your event will be added to our rsvp form on Airtable (
  2. Share your event on Linkedin and encourage folks to RSVP. You can use URxCommunity general or city specific assets to promote the event. 
    • Once attendees RSVP they will receive the calendar invite + assets to share that they will be attending via social media. 
  3. You can track your RSVPs in real time with this link.
    • The URx team will send reminder emails and confirmations for you! 

During event

  1. Please run a check-in station for attendees and note the Name, Title, Company and email of everyone who is present. 
  2. Use this slide to encourage attendees to be social with us! 
    • Encourage live-posting. 
    • Live posting includes sharing photos & videos via your story or feed and sharing “quotable statements” from the session
  3. Take pictures and have fun! 
    • Take 5-7 high resolution action photos (ex. Attendees networking, community members engaged in group discussion, speaker presentation)
    • Take 2 – 3 posed group photos with URx memorabilia or assets in the photo. 

Post event

  1. Email the attendee list at (
  2. The URx team will send out a thank you note to all attendees on your behalf and include this feedback form.
  3. For some events a Short blog post recap (2-3 paragraphs of highlights and attendees) would be great for us to share out. 
  4. Upload photos in your city specific folder. 
    • Share any fun pictures with the community on Linkedin! URx Team will share photos on all platforms. 
    • Some photos will be used for future post and campaigns. 

Community Host v Community Organizer?

As our community has grown, we have created some “identities” to help make sure everyone is supported. 

Community Organizer:

Community members who are the POC in a particular city. This person assists with logistics for any event hosted in their city. Community organizers collaborate directly with the community host to prepare for the event and day-of logistics (including attendance sheets). An organizer can also be a host. 

Community Host:

Community members who represent organizations that would like to host an URx Roundtable or MeetUp at their organization. This person will usually create the event

How do I promote to the entire community?
  • In addition to your email group, we always promote your event across all of our digital channels including the newsletter! Please help us promote your event on URxCommunity social media handles. Please make sure you have created your event

When should events take place?

  • In each quarter of the year, there will be a two-to-six week period of community events. To efficiently execute these community events in all of our partner cities there will also be a designated time period for our community organizers and host to create events
How do I launch a city as a URx Community?
  1. We want you to be successful in building up new local communities! We find for a city to have a strong foundation, we need to; 
    1. Schedule out 2- 3 local URx Roundtable events 
    2. Build an email list with at least 20 members
    3. At least 2 local URx Community hosts/volunteers to take the lead in organizing the community
  2. If you would like to launch a city or know someone who does, please email Michele Tse.
Is there a budget for F&B or a Venue? 
  1. Depending on the event we are sometimes able to garner sponsor support to create a budget for F&B and a venue. The majority of URx Community events are hosted at a venue provided by a community members company with F&B also covered. Typically we find that F&B expenses are less than $200 covering wine, beer, water, and light bites for 30-50 people. 


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